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How can the released autumn shoots be so high-quality? Remember this time!

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The high-quality autumn shoots in the coming year are inseparable from the high-quality autumn shoots, and the high-quality autumn shoots are inseparable from the careful management of fruit growing friends. Pay attention to time control. Yesterday, today, tomorrow... when can we release the shots? How to prevent these pests and diseases? Has the water and fertilizer management been arranged?

If you feel that your brain is blank at this time, then quickly learn the knowledge of putting autumn shoots~

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About quality autumn shoots

1. Judgment conditions
There are sufficient numbers, the moderate branches are not lengthy, the shoots are uniform, there are no diseases and insects, and the autumn shoots that maintain the dark green leaf color during the winter are generally high-quality autumn shoots.

2. The role of autumn shoots
The autumn shoots maintain the good vigor of the citrus tree and protect the new root system. And as a high-quality nutrient branch, the autumn shoots provide nutrition for fruit expansion and coloring. As a good-bearing mother branch for the coming year (the branch that can bear fruit or the branch that bears fruit), it is a key guarantee for flowering and fruiting, a bumper harvest and stable yield in the coming year.

After understanding the high-quality autumn shoots, do you really want to know what to do to release good autumn shoots? Come and learn with me!

Timely release

1. Trees that are 2-3 years old and have little fruit and are growing vigorously can be planted at the end of August and early September.

2. The tree is 4-6 years old, suitable for putting the shoots in the middle and late August. For high-yielding fruit trees, it is recommended to put autumn shoots from the summer heat to the beginning of autumn (July 22-August 7).
For middle-growing fruit trees, it is recommended to put autumn shoots from the beginning of autumn to the heat (August 7-August 23). For low-yield fruit trees, it is recommended to release the autumn shoots after the summer heat (after August 23), but it is best to release them before the end of the month.

3. For some trees over 7 years old, shoots can be released from the end of July to the beginning of August.

4. The general principle is to release the shoots of high-yield trees, weak trees and old trees in advance, which can accelerate the maturation and aging of their autumn shoots, minimize the impact of uncertain factors on the fall shoots, and reduce the impact of the fruit expansion period on the fruit. However, prosperous trees and low-yielding trees choose to postpone their shoots, which can reduce the situation of two shoots growing because the shoots grow too fast.

5. The time to release the autumn shoots should be flexibly selected according to the tree age, tree vigor, fruit-bearing amount, and geographical conditions.

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Shooting method

1. Trim
(1) Provide a large number of new autumn shoots for the tree body by pruning. Generally, pruning is done 10-15 days before the autumn shoots are released. Each base branch leaves 2-3 shoots to ensure the quality and quantity of the next year's results. Prune diseased branches, fallen flowers and fruit branches, decayed branches, broom branches, cross branches, etc., and try to ensure that there are a certain number of cuts around the middle and upper parts of each tree. The mother branches will be more scattered in the coming year and will not affect Fruit growth.

(2) The middle and upper part of the crown of the immature branches (regardless of length) shall be cut from 2 to 3 buds below the base; the middle and upper parts of the crown are thick, mature and long branches (more than 25 cm), which form high and low staggered shapes through short cuts, and release autumn The shoots are wavy round heads; the mature medium branches (not more than 20 cm) are not short; try to keep the inner chamber branches and the weak, short, thin spring and summer shoots in the middle and lower parts of the crown to increase the number of fruiting mother branches; more fruits It is more difficult to put the autumn shoots of the tree. You can cut off some of the top fruit, small fruit, extra large fruit and coarse fruit, and replace the top with the fruit.

2. Fertilize
(1) Fertilizers should be fertilized 7 to 15 days before the shoots are promoted for strong and vigorous trees or trees with little fruit. For weak trees or trees with a lot of fruit, they should be fertilized 15-20 days before the shoots are released. The types of fertilizers are comprehensive fertilizers, such as Chongqinghao's liquid compound fertilizer. According to the tree's vigor, each tree is directly drenched with 2 to 3 kg.

(2) Strong shoot fertilizer is applied when the leaf buds at the top of the autumn shoots are self-cutting, which will help the autumn shoots turn green without losing the fertilizer. At the same time, spray foliar fertilizer containing phosphorus and potassium in the process of turning green.

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3. Control of pests and diseases
The high temperature and humidity during the autumn shoot season is easy to be harmed by pests and diseases. The pests mainly pay attention to the prevention and control of leaf miners, psyllids, red spiders, aphids, snails and longhorn beetles. The diseases mainly prevent canker, anthracnose, and fat spots. The occurrence of diseases such as macula and vitiligo.

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