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If the autumn shoots of citrus promote flowers, is it okay to spray only potassium dihydrogen phosphate? No way!

As the saying goes: It is better to preserve fruit than to preserve flowers, and to promote flowers is worse than preserved flowers. Flower bud differentiation is an important part of citrus management, which is directly related to the number of citrus flowers and fruits, the difficulty of fruit preservation, and fruit quality.
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Differentiation and morphological differentiation

Citrus flower bud differentiation is divided into physiological differentiation and morphological differentiation. Physiological differentiation : During this period, citrus mainly accumulates nutrients, endogenous hormones, genetic material, etc., which form flower buds, and lays the material foundation for morphological differentiation. Morphological differentiation : After the physiological differentiation is completed, the material metabolism of the leaf primordium and the tissue morphology of the growth point begin to change, and the flower buds and leaf buds can be gradually distinguished, marking the morphological differentiation period of citrus flower buds.

Traditional flower promotion

The traditional methods of citrus flower promotion include controlling shoots and killing shoots, ring cutting, root cutting, and spraying regulators.Spraying regulators can speed up the process of flower bud formation according to the vigor of certain fruit trees. However, regulator products cannot replace fertilizers. If the tree itself lacks the key nutrients for flower bud differentiation, only using regulators will not be able to mobilize the supply of nutrients to flower demand. No matter whether it is flower promotion by ring cutting or by medicine, nutrition should be supplemented.
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Nutritional promotion

In terms of nutrition , the fruit grower’s operating habit is to usepotassium dihydrogen phosphate . Phosphorus is a key flower promoting element. Phosphorus can promote plant cell division and effectively make flower buds differentiate completely within a suitable time.   But just using potassium dihydrogen phosphate is not enough!   As our fertilization level is getting higher and higher, we have high requirements for the fruit setting rate of the coming flowers. If we want to have a good flower bud differentiation, the key nutrients are zinc and boron.   Zinc is an essential nutrient that promotes the formation of flowering hormone, and promotes more flowers and strong flowers . If the tree body is zinc-footed, the fruit tree will bloom and bear fruit. If it is insufficient, the shoots will not bloom.
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▲Zinc and boron deficiency without flowers

Boron is a key element in the formation of flower vessels. It can lengthen the pollen tube and increase the number of flowers in the second year , and the fruit-setting rate is high . If the fruit tree lacks boron, it will cause small flowers, weak flowers, and more abnormal flowers, which will only bloom but not bear fruit. .

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▲Zinc-boron-deficient flowers

Therefore, in addition to supplementing phosphorus, there are two key reproductive elements, zinc and boron.

Flower promotion period

The autumn shoots need phosphorus, boron, and zinc for germination, and the fruits need to be supplemented by phosphorus, zinc, and boron for coloring. Phosphorus, zinc, and boron are the most critical trace elements for flower formation. The phosphorus, zinc, and boron consumed in the late autumn of the fruit trees are not replenished in time, and the accumulation of nutrients in the next year will be insufficient, which will cause excessive winter shoots to affect the coming flowers, or the quality of the flower bud differentiation in the coming year will be low, and the flower bud differentiation will not be neat, resulting in a large number of fallen flowers and weak flowers.

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▲Weak flower and deformed flower

If these three important nutrients can be replenished in the autumn shoot period and stored in the branches and leaves , they will be available quickly when the flower buds differentiate from November to December, so that enough flower buds can be obtained. Nutrition.
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