Calcium Boron Chelated Liquid Fertilizer

Classification: Organic Fertilizer

Type: Liquid Fertilizer

Ca≥100 g/L

B≥150 g/L
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Product Description

Calcium Boron Chelated Liquid Fertilizer

The multi-element trace elements prepared by biological chelation are easily absorbed by crops. They contain low molecular weight marine biological active substances such as chito-oligosaccharides and seaweeds, which can activate plant cells and regulate crop nutrient balance; it is useful for crop leaflets, fern leaves, yellow leaves, etc. It has a very good effect and can effectively correct the symptoms of crop failure, fruit shrinkage, fruit corking, stem cracking, and flower drop caused by boron deficiency.


Technical Data


Ca≥100 g/L

 B≥150 g/L

Get a precision nutrition plan made just for you

A Greencare nutrition plan is dependent on your location, climate, soil conditions, and goals with your crop. All of our tailored programs start with reviewing your soil samples with one of our expert agronomists. After our analysis, our team will provide you with a couple liquid fertilizer program options that will help you meet your goals on a budget that won’t break the bank.


Product Benefits

Activate plant cells and regulate crop nutrient balance.

It has a good effect on small leaves, fern leaves, yellow leaves of crops.

It can effectively correct the symptoms of crop failure caused by boron deficiency, fruit shrinkage, fruit corkization, stem cracking, and flower drop.

Application Strategies

* Foliar application: diluted 600-800 times, in the critical period of crop growth, once every 7-10 days, 2-3 times in a row.

* Drip irrigation, flushing, and rooting: 3-5kg per mu each time


Packing & Delivery

Standard packaging:

Liquid Fertilizers - 200ml*60bottles/carton, 500ml*20bottles/carton, 1L*12bottles/carton, 5kg*4drums/carton, 20kg/drum.

Powder/Granule Fertilizers - 5kg*4bags/carton, 20kg/bag.

We provide customize packing service accroding customer's request.

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