Powder Seaweed Extract Fertilizer

Water-soluble Seaweed Extract Fertilizer
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Product Description

POWDER Seaweed Extract Fertilizer

Using advanced wall-breaking technology, it concentrates seaweed extract, retains rich minerals and trace elements in seaweed, and also contains polyphenolic compounds, seaweed polysaccharides and a large number of growth regulators such as cytokinins, auxins and cell-like cells. Factor, cytokinin, abscisic acid, gibberellin, ethylene, betaine, polyamine, trans-N6-isodecene adenine and its derivatives, aminocyclopropane carboxylic acid, ethylene precursor, hydrazine acetic acid, hydrazine compound, etc., retain pure natural active ingredients, rich in vitamins and integrate nutrients, anti-biomass and pure natural bio-stimulating hormones.


Technical Data

Seaweed extract

≥350 g/L


≥200 g/L

Organic matter

≥120 g/L

Get a precision nutrition plan made just for you

A Greencare nutrition plan is dependent on your location, climate, soil conditions, and goals with your crop. All of our tailored programs start with reviewing your soil samples with one of our expert agronomists. After our analysis, our team will provide you with a couple liquid fertilizer program options that will help you meet your goals on a budget that won’t break the bank.


Product Benefits

✔ Promote the rapid division of plant cells. 

✔ Promote the plant grows fast. 

✔ Enhances metabolism. 

✔ Improves stress resistance (such as drought resistance). 

✔ Promotes flowering of pregnant buds.

Application Strategies

All kinds of field crops, fruits, vegetables, tobacco, tea trees, flowers, nurseries, lawns, Chinese herbal medicines, landscaping and other economic crops. 

* Foliar application: 1:800-1000 7-15 days once, spray 2-4 according to the whole growth season of the crop growth period. The crop seedling period is halved. 

* Drip irrigation, flushing and leaching root: 1:800 for rushing, promoting root growth, strong seedlings, activating soil and solving soil damage.


Packing & Delivery

Standard packaging:

Liquid Fertilizers - 200ml*60bottles/carton, 500ml*20bottles/carton, 1L*12bottles/carton, 5kg*4drums/carton, 20kg/drum.

Powder/Granule Fertilizers - 5kg*4bags/carton, 20kg/bag.

We provide customize packing service accroding customer's request.

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